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Children’s Dentist Manor TX

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Pediatric Dental Hygiene Practice in Manor TX

Children's Dentist Manor TX
Children’s Dentist Manor TX

With good pediatric dental hygiene practice, your child can have a substantial advantage when it comes to maintaining cavity-free teeth and healthy gums. Here at Manor Kids Dentist, we do more than examinations and procedures. Our children’s dentist in Manor TX offers up valuable advice and guidance to ensure that your home strategy is just as effective as your child’s visits to our office.

Dental hygiene, for both adults and kids, begins with limiting the effects of dental plaque. That’s because plaque is the catalyst for both tooth decay and gum disease. It grows on and between teeth, and it is fueled by sugar. So having your child adhere to a nutritious diet that is limited in sugar is at the top of the list. Remember, plaque forms during sleep, so a thorough brushing upon wakening is essential. Your child should also brush before bed, and after meals. The more quickly plaque is washed away, the less time it has to erode tooth enamel. Flossing daily, preferably at bed time, is also a big part of proper pediatric dental hygiene practice as suggested by our children’s dentist in Manor TX. It’s a good idea to consider a high quality dental rinse, too. The less plaque that remains in your child’s mouth, the less opportunity there is for it to harden into tartar. And tartar cannot be effectively removed with at-home hygiene. That requires the teeth cleaning he or she gets at our office during six month dental exams. Plaque and tartar are eradicated. And by following the plan outlined by our children’s dentist in Manor TX, there is far less plaque and tartar to be removed with a teeth cleaning.

It’s the perfect time for you to contact our office and set up an appointment to bring your child in. A dental exam and teeth cleaning twice per year is vital for her or his overall oral health.

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