Dentist for Children in Manor

Dentist for Children in Manor

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The importance of regular checkups in Manor

Manor Kids Dentist is a dentist for children in Manor that provides regular checkups for kids. The importance of regular checkups is something we try to relay to all of our patients. Our pediatric dental care will help your child maintain a beautiful smile.

Our dentist for children in Manor recommends having periodic fluoride treatments and sealants placed on the biting surfaces of your child’s back teeth. We also do sealants, which help the back teeth stay safe from tooth decay and reduce the risk of cavities. It’s best for kids to avoid sticky sweets and to brush and floss regularly. Sealants are brushed on and then cured with a light wand and are painless, strong and durable and last several years.

Preventive care involves proper brushing and flossing methods, as well as coming in for annual cleanings with our dentist for children in Manor each year. Plaque and tartar buildup can get in teeth and cause problems if it isn’t scraped away during a dental cleaning. During an annual cleaning we’ll get in between the crevices of teeth and gums with a special tool used to scrape off plaque and tartar. This helps us clear bacteria from in between the teeth. Dental care is important in maintaining healthy teeth and in keeping cavities at bay. Cavities may form holes that can cause tooth pain, decay and eventually loose or missing teeth or gum disease. We use special tools to get under the gum and inside the deep pockets to clear the bacteria. We are committed to patient excellence, open during convenient late hours for patients and on days they need to come in for exams. Visit our website for convenient door to door directions to plan your next visit to our offices.

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